Whimsical, Colors and Rebel Romance are the philosophy of our brand!

About Us

The fusion of different worlds defines the fashion proposal and designs the collections. Refinement, originality, trend.

The connection of Western and Eastern culture combines design with production and entrepreneurial management.

GINGER LILY is a small but ambitious project of a young girl who has decided to give life to an eclectic collection in step with the trends but usable by an ever wider audience.

It was born in 2021 with the intention of innovating and satisfying the requests of an increasingly demanding and sophisticated female audience by focusing on glam-couture products.

The quality of the materials and careful research are the basis of the project. The essential component of the brand is the mix & match between the romantic spirit and the rebellious soul which is reflected in the personality of the products, designed and created to be welcomed on every occasion.

The style is distinctive and recognizable.

Be Glam, Be Ginger Lily!

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