Whimsical, Colors and Rebel Romance are the philosophy of our brand!

The idea!

It all started a bit for fun and when I talked to my friends about the project for the first time, there were three of us. Three to two. Two to one.

Hi, I'm Ginger Girl, I have a soft spot for glitter, I love beautiful things, gold and challenges!

I'll tell you briefly ..

I had already concentrated on the swimwear sector, probably because I come from a seaside area or who knows maybe because I've always had a passion for bikinis, the fact is that I start studying, selecting the main companies and churning out the first pieces. 123456789 samples but no one has satisfied my needs, also because I tell you that I am one with clear ideas and if something is not like I imagine it, nothing is done! I try and try again until I succeed! And so sample after sample I come across our trusted company.

It was no more a game but it become serious!

We didn't advertise much at first because were convinced that our products would speak for themselves. We select the best fabrics and all the accessories we produce are of the highest quality materials, designed not to erode with salt, sand and frequent washing. We design every single piece down to the smallest detail trying to give that extra touch that makes the difference.

The concept!

The concept was to create a line of swimwear that did not fall into the visa and revised, focusing on the quality of the materials and on the whimsy. Lines designed to enhance the shapes of the female body to make you always feel Glam. Not just a beach garment but a fashion piece.

The objective!

The objective is to grow and improve. We are expanding our productions towards new horizons, other challenges await us! We put our heart into everything we do and we strongly believe in it!

Ginger Lily Brand

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